A Libra Woman – your bro and your Barbie

Now this is a really cool sun sign to talk about. Girls who are born under the Libra sign tends to be highly timid, petite and woman like in one instance and in the very next they are the ones you can have your secret bro talks with. One characteristic of a Libran woman is her sharp intellect. When she opens her mouth, she can floor any and everyone around. The balance in the sign shows her intrinsic need to draw a balance. She is often very much fair in her judgments. She may take her own time, but will always do something which is impartial and just.

Libran females usually make up for a good opponent to debate with. Their sense of justice and balance often gives them an edge over their competitors and hence almost always they end up winning the argument or the debate. But the best part is, that they are receptive of oppressive views. They will not get offended or anything, and with their liberal and open mind, will try to see a valid point in your argument.

The balancing weighs also make her quite an analytical whiz kid. She would love to have a discussion that would stimulate her mind. Whether it is the American invasion or Marxism, she would love to discuss the same and analyze the situation. If you ever go up to her to seek an advice, be sure to get a very practical one. She has an inherent need to be practical and analytical, often finds it stupid when people do not act practically or logically and she can really keep her emotions aside, when it comes to being practical.

Mostly a team player, a Libran woman is highly career driven and mostly you would find her working before and after her marriage. But if you are thinking of marrying her already (we know it is really tempting) just hold on and read about the negative traits of the “oh so popular bro like Barbie dolls”.

Woman! Take a decision!

So let us start digging the flip side of the girl who has got a bit of both the sexes in her, not that she is hermaphrodite, its just that she is neither typically a girl and not even a tom boy.

If you need a quick advice, a Libra woman is not the one you would like to go to. Firstly, you two might just end up talking for like hours, chatting away the entire time in which you were out to take a decision. And yes, you really cannot help it, a Libran woman loves to talk and often even the most morbid conversations become so interesting with them, you really cant help yourself but talk more. And then, they are indecisive, like seriously! They can analyze a situation for hours and only after ensuring that they are completely just and impartial, will they finally take a decision.

Marriage and more

Their argumentative and opinionated nature might just drive you away from them. But they are romantic to the core. Even a Libran woman is not aware of extents to which she can goes, when it comes to being in love. As a wife, she will be your companion. She will not be a damsel in distress that you would have to protect, but she will talk to like you are her best friend and will discuss the matters of life with you.

She will be liberal to her kids, will give them enough scope to pursue their dreams and would always sit and discuss their problems with them. She is not a typical woman, but she is your best friend.

Some of the famous celebrity Libran women include Kate Winslet, Julie Andrews, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Margaret Thatcher etc.

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