A Lover of Hot Beauty and Stubborn Passion, The Taurean Flame

If you always wanted a woman who has a touch of masculinity in them, on a spiritual side or maybe the emotional side, you ought to find a Taurus lady. The sign itself speaks so much about masculinity, and one cannot deny that when they meet a Taurean woman. Needless to say, with such powerful masculine denominations on her persona, she sure would stir things wild.

Talking about her sex drive, the Taurus woman would be head on banging away into the night. And if you have dated women from other zodiac signs, the Taurus lass would stand way ahead of them all. So if you are wondering if this is the woman you need to date, honey you got that right, because there wouldn’t be a mind blowing sexually driven lover as a Taurus girl would be.

Intimacy is the name of the game to woo her, and the Taurus lass would do anything to grab that. Her appetite for the same as many would say can never be fully satiated. A lot of physical touches, cuddling, kissing and no rushing into things make them swoon for the men. We hope this is an indication enough to all you men out there, on how to make things happen for you.

For women born under this sign, the Taurus, if you give them good love, they will feed you with good food, get the drift. And yes, they love to take time on things they love and the lovemaking they provide would be fun and caring too. They sing well, and that’s such a turn on when they do, you wouldn’t find someone else to cook, love and entertain you always, provided you are worth a keep!!

Most men fail at understanding a Taurus woman’s needs, her emotions behind her eyes and her love for intimacy and that’s why fail at dating or being in a relationship with one. When you want to seduce a Taurean, you have to pamper her silly.

She loves being gifted stuff, materialistically or not, but she loves it all. The Taurus woman is a sensual cow, and she would always smell good. Touch her skin and you would know what we are saying, she is soft and tender, well maintained and groomed round the clock. And get close to her; this is when you would also know she loves to smell good. Pop a mint before you kiss her, for her mouth is always minty fresh too.

We hope now you boys would know how to catch on with a Taurus girl!!

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