Aquarian woman – friendly and effervescent

Aquarius woman is the new age woman. She is not the one to be restricted by the clutches of family traditions, societal pressures, peer pressures or even the clutches of her own past. She is a fast progressing woman, who simply cannot do without her freedom. She is like a wild horse; she is not the one to be chained down. Her beauty can only be revealed when you set her free in the wilds. Let her run as wild as if she is flying and then she will be ever committed to you. She has a strong sense of ethics, for sure, but her principles and value systems are as varied as she is. She does not believe in the norms, she can be totally out of the box, but yes, she will live and die for what she believes in. She is the new age woman. She is charming and witty, she may flirt, but only with a few charming ones, and if she chooses to shower her attentions on you, then you should know, you are a lucky one.

Aquarian is one of the friendliest signs. They do not believe in making enemies and almost always are on good terms with everyone. They can interact freely in a group. Their set of friends is huge, and often includes their ex boyfriends and husbands. She is there for you, yet you can never own her and that is the beauty of an Aquarius woman.

Annoying attributes of an Aquarian girl

There is a flip side to almost everything and the so the effervescence personality of an Aquarian girl has a flip side too. She is just not the one to be tied down. She is lost in her own world and hence there are not much emotional ties. She would not remember a person who is not important to her and at times may come across as delusive and secretive, just to annoy others – its fun, isn’t it? It is difficult to keep her interested in you, unless you are remarkably charming and interesting. And yes, her interests change, so you have to be really versatile and well versed as well. At times, she tends to be a bit of gossip monger. She will not leak out the secrets, but she just loves probing into the life’s of others and know their secrets.

Aquarian woman – wedding, motherhood and more

Aquarian woman does not easily fall in love, and even if she does, do not expect her to react like a stereotypical wife. She is there for you and she would you to be there for you as well, but she is not the one to cry a river if you are gone. She has a weird value system of her own. She may not give preference to looks or riches etc, but yes, you would have to be really intelligent and witty to win her heart. She is not really passionate in bed, but boy, she can turn you on with her charms.

She may have a little difficulty with motherhood, owing to all the estrogen overflows and emotional ties associated with the subject matter. She will only do it when she knows she is perfectly ready for it and it will do you no good to force her otherwise. Besides, she will give her baby enough freedom and support to be who he or she wishes to be.

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