Cancer Woman – your best friend, your lover and also your mother

Here is the real beauty, the soft petite princess who is waiting to be rescued – figuratively. The beauty of the personality of a cancer woman can be compared to the beauty of the moon. She is serene, calm, soft and yet has the nasty ability to produce some really treacherous tides. She is the one a man would love to protect, care about and nurture. She acts and reacts and such a way that would want a man of honor to never hurt her. She is sentimental, and a lot. She suffers from brooding and mood swings and often can cry on any trivial detail. Yet, she is very tender and gentle towards the one she loves. She is expressive, but only to a few, and you ought to be a lucky one if you have won the heart of a cancer woman. Never let her go. She is the one you and your mother would love. She can be all coy and shy and a little old school conservative girl, but she has a lot of strength and patience. And she knows how to use it wisely. And she is patient and wise with money too. She knows how to save for a rainy day. So here you go people, this cancer woman can be your best friend, your lover, and your mother too. And she is the one you would love to protect.

Often, a cancer chic is closely attached to her mother. She can tolerate anything, but not anyone ridiculing her mother. So you have to trudge carefully on those lines.

And here comes the negative part

There has to be a negative part, of course, because no one is perfect. But cancer women are pretty close to perfection; if you can just get used to her stingy and secretive nature. She can be really stingy with money, and would seldom let your over spend. Besides, this one girl really knows how to keep secrets. And she may love you with her heart and soul, but she is not the one to share somebody’s secrets with you. So do not even expect her to.

Lastly, a cancer woman hates rejection or being ridiculed. She may love you but she will wait you to make the first move, simply because she fears rejection.

Cancer woman is a loving wide and doting mother

If a cancer woman loves you, you should be rest assured that she really does love you. She can love you till the extent of literally worshipping you. You will be her priority and she will make her worl revolve around you, but in a very beautiful and romantic way. She is filled with insecurities and at times she would just want you to tell her how much you love and adore and respect her, in different ways. But it is almost impossible to find the devotion which a cancer woman would readily showers on your.

She has natural motherly instincts, and she will give you the best care and nurturing possible to her baby.

 Some famous cancer woman includes the ever so famous and charming, Meryl Streep (talk about her dedication to acting and her husband,) Princess Diana, Cyndi Lauper, Hellen Keller, Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson etc.

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