Natural Beauty, Charms and Grace Overflows in a Capricorn Woman

Did you ever happen to walk down the subway and found a girl who walked with picture perfect beauty, grace and harmony? The one who looked quite charming and graceful and walked as if she was just gliding by? Chances are, your eyes have just been greeted by a Capricorn woman.

A Capricorn is the personification of beauty, grace and good breeding. She is never the one to be politically incorrect and always watches her manners in public. Her ruler, Saturn, makes her excessively charming and also brutally detached. She is often driven with a goal. Her inherit sense of harmony and balance gives her either one or the other artistic talents. She can be the lead dancer of a dance troupe, interested in art and craft, painting maybe, but she is one of those lucky few who are just born gifted with a talent and hence it becomes their responsibility to harness the same.

The grace and good breeding is not limited to just public etiquettes. She is often emotionally very stable and is never to one to make a show of her emotions. She often has a very compassionate heart and will be involved in some sort of charity work. And charity can also mean helping your co workers progress in their field. They are born with a natural sense of responsibility. She is the one to take charge, to keep things organized and support everyone around. Even in her family, she will be the one to give support, both emotional and financial one.

The beautiful mess which a Capricorn girl is

They are actually a beautiful mess and their ruling planet, Saturn, makes them excessively gloomy and depressive. She may be the one who would love to take charge, be the responsible one and climb up the social ladder, but behind this is a little brooding girl, who lacks confidence in herself. She pushes herself off the limits, simply because of her lack of confidence. Her gloomy nature often makes her quite judgmental of the people she meets. And when it comes to the matters of heart, she at times can be really practical and detached.

Capricorn woman gets into secure matrimony and is a well disciplined mother

You can expect a Capricorn to get into a relationship only when she is convinced that it is going to stable, secure and financially sound. They have secret desire to gain respect, to climb up the social ladder. They often push themselves for it and also expect the wedding to provide them with the same. She is the one to take care of her home and might as well give up her career in order to take care of the home. She often is the perfect bride and keeps her home and her conscience spotlessly clean.

As a mother, she is well disciplined and serious. She may be a little too stern, but her kids will be very well disciplined.

Some of the world renowned Capricorn females include the likes of Annie Lennox, Aaliyah, Kate Moss, Dolly Parton etc.

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