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The born leader, a Leo woman is a true walking and talking lioness. She has a regal aura around her, and even if she is being completely friendly and vivacious, you cannot miss the queen like mannerisms that forms an intrinsic part of her personality. She is incredibly strong, and yet very very feminine. She is vivacious, witty, charming and sentimental. She can get a bit possessive about her belongings, whether it is her favorite stick of mascara or her set of friends. Often her graceful femininity and strength makes her a talk of town, and even amidst the set of friends, she tends to be the famous one.

A Leo woman, being a natural leader, likes the lime light. Put her under the spotlight and she would just love to perform. Even in the work place, her superiors would mostly cite her as an example to motivate fellow employees. This woman can be an asset in real sorts. She is often very well organized and has clear thinking, she is intelligent and kind is always ready to help and knows how to have fun. She may be into sports, especially the August born Leos and may look very athletic. They are full of love, warmth and sunshine and hence forms one the best companions.

An august born Leo is remarkably generous and kind. She will often be ready to lend any and everything – whether a piece of advice, a helping hand, an opinion, or her corset.

Watch that temper woman- Leo woman 

Speaking about the negative or rather not so pleasant attributes of a Leo female, the first thing which they have to deal with is their temper issues. They will either burn the other or themselves, in the heat of their temper. Haven’t we all seen a lioness roar?

She is not the one to take down criticism or ignorance calmly and you shall dare not disobey or ridicule her. And also, she can get a bit carried away, if you just flatter her respectfully. And of course, the leader tends to get really downright bossy at times.

Leo woman – The royal wife and the royal mother

The counterpart of a Leo woman is a really lucky guy. He shall be treated royally and Leo females often become the perfect bride. She will be very competitive and possessive about her man but even the Groom to be is going to face a lot of competition. Mostly, a Leo female is very attractive and popular in the opposite sex and due to her sense of compassion and passion; there are a lot of people vying for her attention. She loves being pampered and would also pamper her man royally.

She will also be a very royal mother. She will play with her kids and would coddle them with love and affection. They will trun out to be true royal descendants and would know how to behave well in public. They will be well disciplined. Usually, the kids of a Leo woman are often pampered and spoiled.

If you are a Leo woman, you should know you are alike with the likes of Whitney Houston, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry etc.

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