Piscean Females – as feminine as the planet Venus

A piscean female is characteristically soft and delicate and really very feminine. There is a sense of mystery that surrounds her and one would really have to understand her, in order to be with her. Often, a piscean girl is beautifully attractive and hence there is a long list of candidates vying for her attention. She is petite and woman like and is not like the new age girl who is ambitious and lusts after power. She can docile and often would like her partner to dominate her.

By not being ambitious, we do not mean that a Piscean girl has no dreams at all. She is often very romantic and has a lot of dreams. She often makes people feel very much comfortable around her and can adjust well with any person or surrounding. She is sentimental and shy and would want somebody to just lover her and protect her. Often, these girls are their Papa’s favorite, their brothers love and protect them and their lovers will fight with the world just for them.

She is often very much content with herself and her life. And often, has a soft corner for the under dogs and under achievers. That just makes her even more adorable.

Clingy and secretive, the black spots on an otherwise picture perfect frame

We all have a flip side and that is completely understood. However, being aware of our flip side, gives us and opportunity to step out of it and become a better a person. For a Piscean female, the flip side would be being secretive and clingy.

As we had already discussed, the Piscean girls tend to be a bit secretive and mysterious. They can be quite unpredictable too and may suffer from mood swings. Besides, in a relationship, they can get a bit too clingy. They would like to just hold on to their man’s arms, which is not always a nice attribute.

Lastly, she is just too sentimental to deal with the entire world, all by herself.

Marry a Piscean and win a jackpot!

No, it is not like a Piscean female will help you win a lottery or something, she might or she might not. But what we mean by the jackpot is that a Piscean woman is kind and sentimental, has a soft corner for the under achievers, looks tremendously beautiful and alluring and are perfectly feminine. She does not have lofty ambitions that would threaten the matrimony and you would seldom find her talking and flirting with other men in the party.

She just wants constant affection and adoration from you. She tends to get a bit depressed and emotionally drained at times, thus always be there for her.

As a mother, she will love her children excessively. Her children will be the sun around which her world would revolve. Although she would not be a tough task master, but she would overly indulge with her kids and would make them feel loved, cherished and blessed.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawfor, Queen Latifah, Drew Barrymore etc are all famous and world renowned beautiful Piscean females.

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