Sagittarius female guarantees idealism and romance

The females born under the sign of the archer are often very intellectual, well read and makes up for a really nice company. They are often interested in literature and take the inspiration from the famous writers and written characters. They are romantic, no doubts about it, and can go up to any extremes to make the romance last. However, when they know that the relationship is cultivating and fertile enough and it is just smothering the two of the people, they would be the one to walk out amiably and cherish the friendship. They would not even mind if you move on first, because in their mind and heart, the relationship has already ended, they are just waiting for you take your time and leave.

Often, you can talk to a Sagittarius woman about anything. You can expect her to be well read and well informed enough to discuss the latest tax policy, about the famous literary characters such as Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennett. From literature to luxury, from chemical equations to the chemistry in bed, you can almost discuss anything wit her and she will always make up for a hearty discussion.

A Sagittarian female is almost effortlessly stylish. She knows it since the beginning, how to look her very best. Thus, even she applies make up, she would do it just about perfectly, which would make you think that its all natural and not at all artificial. Artificial is one thing that they can never be. Even if they are dressed up in the most plastic of clothes, in their heart they would still be politically incorrect, tactless and drop dead honest. Talking about fashion and clothe, a Sagittarian female has a perfect sense of fashion and often has light feet that would make you feel as is she is not walking but just gliding through the corridors.

She is a challenge, embrace it!

A Sagittarian female is not at all an easy catch, and if you somehow manage to get her easily, you should be sure that she may just fly away any moment. They are definitely not the ones that you can cage down. But when they are stupendous being their carefree self, why would you want to cage them down?

If you are the insecure types, you would not like to get too personal with a Sagittarius female. They love their freedom, and they a vicinity towards health flirting. They will do it in a very dignified sense, but yes, they will do it, even if you do not like it.

Marriage with them is of equals

Sagittarians do not believe in being a burden on anyone else. Thus you will not be the one who would have to constantly call them, they will call you back. Even in marriage, they would like to equate the finances and responsibilities and will shoulder the burden on your shoulders. They are dignified and graceful, and would prove out to be really nice hosts.

As a mother, a Sagittarian female would quite stern in the beginning but will become more liberal as the time would progress. Her kids will be independent thinkers.

The famous Sagittarian females are Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Lucy Liu.

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