Sagittarius Woman

Welcome to a world of idealism and romance, style and panache, simplicity and saucy-ness, fire and spice and everything nice. She is a seductress, a talker, an intellect, an actor, and orator and an eternal seeker of truth. The female archer is almost always inquisitive and idealist. She is philosophical and that means you can sit for hours and discuss anything with her. The discussion can freely flow from why Indo – Pak peace conference, to Chinese products, to sky diving in New Zealand, to why Meryl Streep should not have won the Oscar for The Iron lady, to why the 69 position is really outdated and dull. Yes, this is your counter part to talk about politics, war, movies, games, hobbies, literature, songs, gossip and even sexual preferences. She is philosophical and intellectual; she flirts almost unabashedly (only if you are worth it) and almost invariably proves out to be an adorable company.

Style personified

You know, there are certain women who always seems to have the perfect bun, their lipstick is just about perfect, their mascara is neither over the board, nor too less and they walk as if they are walking in a beauty pageant? That is the Sagittarian woman for you. Being stylish and well, naturally stylish comes about naturally to them. Its like they have an intrinsic sense of style and no matter what they wear, it always end up being a style statement. Hence, they are the best babes to go shopping with.

Relationships of equals

One thing is for sure, a Sagittarian would always develop a relationship of equals. She wants a man to be at par with herself. She longs for a man who would be smitten with her intellect, someone who would talk and discuss and would help her understand the ever changing mysteries of life.

Even in friendship, she would like to strike a balance. That means no paying of each other’s bills etc.

Do not cage me, baby!

A Sagittarian woman is not the one to be caged in a relationship. If you love her, let her fly away like a free bird, she will come back to you if she feel your love for her is genuine and concrete. Do not mistake it with lack of passion. Mind you, this fire sign demands and deserves a lot of passion. She will never fall for you if you lack passion and the idealist that she is, it would make her suffer for love as well.

Love happens to be one of her most prized possession and the most dreamt dream as well. She can go up to any extent for the sake of love, yet they fail to find the ones right for them.

The choice of a profession

Being the eternal seeker of truth that she is, a Sagittarian female will find her solace in the field of journalism. They can also achieve the pinnacle of success when it comes to creative and glamorous fields. Also professions like lawyer, teacher, corporate trainer, physical instructor, choreographer etc are more likely to click a bell with them.

Some of the Sagittarian seductresses include the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Lucy Liu, Britney Spears etc.

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