Scorpion woman

So what does Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Aishwarya Rai, Demi Moore, Judie Foster, Ellen Pompeo (aka Meredith Grey) have in common? They are all beautiful and successful actresses no doubt, but they all also happens to be a proud, overwhelmingly charming and successful in such a way that would unsettle and intimidate their male counterparts, and yes, all these beauties happens to be Scorpion females.

“I am irresistible!”

There is something about a scorpion female that make her almost impossible to resist. She knows how to ignite the flame of fire and knows pretty well how to steer clear of jerks and low lives. There is something in her eyes and the way they smile, which leaves the man destroyed and hypnotized for the rest of his life. They are real seductress and enchantress, and when a Scorpion woman decides to catch the fancy of particular male, he better just reciprocates. Period!

“Do not mess with me!”

Here is a female who knows herself inside out. Besides, quite shockingly, she can even see through you inside out. Thus, she definitely is not the one to mess around with. She has an unwavering stance, she does not like to be mess around with, and if she knows someone is insincere and dishonest, they would simply ignore and steer clear ahead of them. Usually, scorpion women are guided by a strong intuition power and even if they land themselves in a mess up, they would invariably knew before hand that the mess up is about to happen. So why do they land themselves up in a mess up?

Ahh! Because it is so much fun.

A tit for tat

Not the ones to mess around with, they have a fair sense of justice. They know how to give it back and that too in such a way that would get the best reaction out of you. If you fight with her and do not wish her morning that next day, she will ensure to do the same with you for the next 4 days. The same is valid for love and kindness. If you get her a flower and a chocolate on her birthday, she will ensure that she organize a surprise birthday party for you and all of your oldest chums will be invited. This woman knows how to be a best friend and also the best of enemy.

Die hard romantics

A scorpion woman is more than probable to give her best in a relationship. She would drown her man in the depths of love, she will be a boost to his ego, she will do the right thing and say the right words that would almost always lift him up and will make him feel good about himself.

They are die hard romantics and often in a self destructive way. At times, they just let their mates be a parasite on them and can actually destroy themselves in the flames of the love. However, a love filled relationship with a scorpion woman is as rewarding as can be. They have an unavoidable need to give more than what they get in a relationship. And that generosity is not limited just towards the love of their lives. More often than not, if you have a scorpion female best friend, she will fight your battles, she will deliberately try to hurt your enemies, even if she has nothing personal against them and yes, she will listen to you over and over again even if it is 3 in the morning.

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