She is More Than Chemo for Sure; The Cancerian Woman Is A Delight

Wouldn’t want to be witty with the chronic disease, then don’t rub the Cancerian the wrong way!! She is extremely sensitive to what is said and done to her, and mind you if your choice of words or the actions you use on her is not to her likings, all hell would break loose. Yes, the proud Cancer woman is very emotional, infact the most of all sun signs we have known.

What she would need is a man who would understand her emotions, on bed and otherwise. She loves being loved, and the touch makes it all happen. Your touch and your words and even your actions need to be gentle and soft, and that’s how you would be able to emotionally connect to great depths with her.

As a partner she will do it all to make you feel like a king. She can be the most committed woman to be with, caring and devout at the same time. Her good deeds speak more than what her words or eyes could and would say.

A Cancer girl or a woman is someone who is born with a nature that is sweet and very nurturing, the latter being extreme. And don’t even think about cheating on her, for she believes in loyalty and trust. If you ever break that trust factor with her, she will ensure you are hunted down and revenge is taken, cold and hard *kinky at times*, which you may never know is happening to you, until it is all too late.

Men fail at seducing a Cancer woman because they feel they can dominate her. Just because she is nurturing and loving, it doesn’t mean she will take all the nonsense. Be very wary that she can strike and kill if need be, not in the literal sense though, but you get the drift.

When it comes to seducing a Cancer woman, ensure you respect her sentiments and create an atmosphere which is romantic and lucid for her to like and fall in love with you. O yes, women in this zodiac loved being taken care of, and you shouldn’t have any trouble when you do this deed well. When you as a provider would protect and feed them well, they would give you all that it takes to ensure you’re round the clock needs are catered to.

So if you want to date a Cancer woman, you now know what to do, but be very wary of the choice or words and actions you display!!

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