The Giver of Personal Attention, Our Virgo Queen

Who said men don’t love attention, they just don’t show it. Now we girls falling under this sign know best how to shower our men with “attention” and we aren’t being funny here. This is serious business when you get to know us Virgo girls better.

You boys can be our world, and we mean it, just know how to treat the Virgo in us the right way. And no matter whom you date and which other sign you feel compatible with, we Virgo dames rock and rule the attention span. We can be there for you round the clock if need be, and yet you wouldn’t have enough of us, and the attention we can give.

Personalized care and attention is what we can best give you, on bed and otherwise too. And if you take a good look at our personas, we can be calm and cool on the outside, but when it comes to displaying our fantasies and sensuality, we can be very tricky and let’s just say “naughty” at what we do, even in public.

Sensuality is enormous in us and we can show you the true meaning of being so. Men cannot resist that and hence fall for the charms of a single Virgo woman or girl. There is always a mystery with the Virgo characteristics embedded in a woman, so if you can go ahead and solve that, the virgin in her will be your slave.

As mentioned about the mystery, the Virgo woman would be the best lover you could have when solved, but not every man has the intelligence and the intuitive instinct to do so. A Virgo can be an obsessive lover and she would do everything it takes to ensure her man is kept happy, in all ways.

Perfectionists as we are, Virgo women love it and would always be pleasant displaying such attitudes and characteristics at all times. And when they say I LOVE YOU, don’t take those words for granted, for a Virgo when she gives out her heart, she gives it all.

Lucky is the man to have a Virgo woman as a mate, perfection in love would be well defined. The sheets would never be cold, the bread would always be baked and she would ensure the house and work space is spic and span.

Now if you want to seduce her, be clean and very neat, suave and well spoken too. We Virgo women are extremely picky and you don’t want to lose out on us, for we are rare to find. No wonder they say “finders keepers, losers weepers”, makes sense, doesn’t it!!

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