The Growling and Dominating Leo Woman

So what is it that a Leo woman has which others don’t seduce you enough with? Is it their never to say die attitude, or is it their dominating nature, on bed too? The answer is and will always be a mystery. But when you do get to have a Leo woman as a partner, you sure would have one of the best lovers around.

A Leo is full of life, full of fun and can be very frisky at times. And having said that, ask yourself if you would be able to manage her. Men fall for women such as her, and why not? She knows how to handle them even if they haven’t asked for it. And she will never take a NO for an answer, especially when you have her on bed, rather when she has you there!!

There is a fiery lustful passion in ever Leo woman we have met and known, and that’s a true sign of being a fire sign. Leos are best when you burn their passion and sexual lust, which should be spontaneous and full of fun. You can never underestimate her sexual prowess; she can surprise you by going on and on. And we aren’t talking about multiple orgasms here!!

Leos are women who would explore the deepest darkest fantasies and take the bed in their stride and charge. They can be very dramatic in their demands for sexual needs too and always believe in having what they want on a large-scale. Men who can provide them with that kind of prowess usually are the ones who can form an alliance with them and match up to their demands and expectations too, the rest just whiz away from their lives.

If you can support them and shower your attention and gifts on them, the Leo is yours. You don’t have to rob a bank to seduce the mind of a Leo woman, its simple to do so. Giving them personal attention is what is needed, and you should know how best to do that.

A tip here: Leo women have a soft side too, and to get to that you should play with their hair, praise it, kiss it and use your fingers well when being intimate with them. This would make her go wild, every Lioness loves it when she gets a physical pampering now and then, so why not her!!

All the best in taming the wild lioness!!

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