The Smarty Pants or Should We Say Skirt, The Gemini Diva – Gemini Woman

It’s always upskirt for the Gemini woman and in the truest sense of all. She can be your best lover honey, if you really know your way up (no pun intended). The Gemini woman is one of a kind, a smart and sassy urban day woman, who loves to be tongue in cheek with everyone around, sans the need to offense.

If you would really like to get along with her, you need to be as witty and intelligent as she is, or else that’s the door for you. Don’t even try to seduce her by your flirtatious ways, she is a queen at that and would make the ground beneath your feet rumble. A single touch from her is all you need and believe us when we say that, the touch is all it takes and you would be her slave.

When a Gemini uses her powerful mind, which she does in everything she wants to achieve, there is no stopping. Men love creativity in love making, and the Gemini would surprise them at all times. Remember boys she doesn’t like repeats and believe us again when we say that. She hates boredom or boring partners, and she never allows anyone in her company to waste their time doing nothing.

To be with a Gemini, one has to ensure that constant excitement and changes are always there. And if that’s lacking in a relationship with her, we advise you to take a break and refresh your mind, body and soul to completely win her over.

Seducing the spirit of a Gemini in the truest sense is tough. You need to pamper and flatter her senses. And once that’s done, her mind is what you need to conquer. What you could do is compliment her persona and style, but don’t go overboard with it. She is a smart woman and would give you advice over the same.

Intelligence is what she seeks with a dose of witty talks, and she will be yours faithfully forever. So are you up to that? If not, we ask you to humbly look elsewhere, for she then would never be yours. Gemini women are brave and loud at times, but not offensively loud. They know what they want, and when she sets her mind to it, she will grab it with both hands.

What’s hers is hers, and no one can take that from her at all. And this is all that we have to tell you about the smarty Gemini. Be smart and you would have the best lover around!!

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