Virgo Woman

Arguably the best choice of a life partner, a female born under the influence of Virgo seems to have all the qualities to be the companion of life. A Virgo woman has a remarkable bony structure and more often than not is skinny and highly photogenic. They have sparkling eyes and a clear ringing laughter.

There is one thing which everyone needs to know about a Virgo woman, this is your real iron lady. She is made up of steel and can really prove her worth at the calling times. Just because she is bonny and quiet, does not mean she is a wimp. When it comes to love, a Virgo woman is the one to scale all the heights and boundaries. And love for a Virgo female is nothing like run off the mill clichéd love; it is real love, actual love, the love that would make you give up your life for. That is the only type of love which exists for her and hence she is not the one who would get involved in one night stands or meaningless flings.

That is the thing with this over thinking, perfectionist beauty. She strives for perfection and excellence in every respect of life. She might take time (and quite a lot of time, irritating speaking) before committing to someone, but when she does, she will love you like there is no tomorrow. One of the most dedicated lovers, a Virgo female really knows how to light up the sparks. They are loyal and committed and determined at the same time to remain loyal and committed. However, if they ever realize that the relationship is going no where and its time to move apart, she will be turn out to be as cold as death. It is because she is analyzed, over and over again and has actually exhausted every other way out. She is not a quitter, she is just a perfectionist.

Owing to their perfectionist demeanors, they tend to be over critical and quite demanding at times. She is not the one to accept sloppy dressing sense, her dates turning up late etc and God be at your side should you ever decide to use foul language in front of a Virgo chic. However, you can be rest assured that due to this perfection, she will always push you off the limits, she will organize you and your life and your coffee will never be a little bitter or a little sweet, it will be just perfect.

You can also rely on a Virgo when it comes to finances. Never the one to over spend, they would actually make the ends meet and would also be able to save at the end of the month. A Virgo female is expected to excel in a field of profession that demands precision, research and analysis work and intellectual capabilities.

The famous Virgo females include – hold your breath for it – the gorgeous on screen diva Cameron Diaz and Kareena Kapoor. Talk about attractive skinny females with sparkling eyes.

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